Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday Planning

I cannot believe it has been has been almost a year since Collin was born. Time is just FLYING by! I have seen so many fun ideas for birthday parties and decorations and cakes and basically everything inbetween, but none of it has really been that "perfect fit". I want to make sure that his party is something that I can make special but at the same time he's not really going to remember it. A friend of mine had this FANTASTIC idea to have everyone at the party write him a letter (she did this for her kids too). I Think I'm going to do the same thing. That way I can put them in a book for him to read later on in life. Honestly, other than that I don't have much planned. I was considering maybe a park pavillion and just doing cake and small finger foods or something. I hope it turns out ok. I know that I can always fall back on using a room at the church and everything would be fine (just in case the weather isn't all that great).

Other than that, Collin is doing fantastic with his health right now. His levels are stable right now which means that his treatment is going great and we just have wait and see how things go as he gets older.

Love you all,

Marggie and Collin <3