Friday, December 17, 2010

Junior Firefighter, Boeing Fire Department

Grandpa Benny came home from work today with the coolest early Christmas present any little boy could ask for. One of his co-workers went to a potluck lunch with the Boeing Fire Department and told him that his boys (both in their 20's) wouldn't want a plastic hat but figured any little boy under 5 would. Let's just say Collin has been the happiest little boy on the planet all afternoon. Thank you to the random Boeing employee for the hat. We LOVE it!

As you can see, Collin wouldn't let me get a very good picture due to enjoying himself for too much.

Gingerbread Choo-Choo

So, I did all of the decorating but Collin loves to oooh and ahhhh over it daily. He really liked the super sugary icing that came with the kit too!

Hanging out with Auntie Steve

Ever since I started cosmetology school, Collin has been spending his afternoons and evening with his aunt and his wonderful grandparents. I know he's in good hands for sure! I was looking through the pictures on my camera and found a few adorable ones that must've been taken while I was at school. Collin has really bonded with Stephanie over the past 10 weeks and really enjoys his time with her. I'm not so sure Stephanie feels the same way but at this point she has no choice. HA!

These pictures really make me laugh because they were taken right after I had totally botched a haircut on collin and had to do a #3 buzz cut. Poor kid :)

Coloring with Green and Orange

It has obviously been far too long since my last post so today we're playing catch up! About 2 months ago I took some adorable pictures of Collin coloring something for Halloween. Let's just say very little was on the paper, ok? Right, I also found out that there are two different types of Crayola markers..... washable and non-washable. Am I the only mother out there that thought all Crayola products were washable? At any rate, it took an extra good scrubbing for a few days to remove the green and orange. The markers were thrown away though.