Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Hair

So, I really need to get my sons hair cut. He's adorable and everyone stops me in stores and says, "WOW! Look at all that hair!" or "Your daughter has amazing hair" or even "Look how beautiful your little girl is". I love him and never mind the attention he gets. I mean, he's the cutest baby ever, but the comments about him being a girl are really starting to irritate me. I know that my sister Rachel is probably thinking to herself, "well, he's a beautiful baby and it's ok that people think he's a girl sometimes". But I beg to differ. Honestly, I'm not one to get angry and freak out. I just smile and somehow get in the word "son" in the conversation I have with the random people that stop me at Walmart. I thought I'd share some before and after pictures of my favorite little guy.
Margaret and Collin

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Feeding tube

Collin had surgery on September 1st to have a feeding tube placed in his tummy. It's called a G-tube or gastric feeding tube. He was such a trooper at the hospital. He loved the nurses that looked after him and even smiled at the phlebotomist after she drew his blood. I'm so glad everything went well and that Collin is getting more nutrition. He gets fed through the tube the entire night and does normal feedings the rest of the day. I know we're lucky because during the class for caring for the tube another family was there and their daughter has continuous feedings 24-7 with her tube. We are so blessed that Collin is thriving and such a happy baby.

Love you all,

Marggie and Collin