Thursday, September 16, 2010

Favorite things

Being the mom of a 16 month old has taught me alot of things, but the most important thing that I've learned is to try, try again. We've used many different products and I figured it would be nice to share with anyone else that cares. Here is the list and images of a few of the items we hold dear :)
This lotion is awesome! We both use it and it makes our skin silky smooth
Works better than anything else, even the prescription creams!
perfect for us sensitive skinned people
Collin is super active and these diapers take it all!
Awesome cup! No spill or drip and super easy to clean!
Perfect for on the go eating and playing

Monday, September 13, 2010

Spongebob Jammies

I found these silly jammies at walmart the other day. You can't beat $2 a pair so I bought them in 3 sizes :) We decided to do a photoshoot in them last night to show everyone how silly he gets right before bed time.
watching tv instead of smiling for the camera
wild child!
silly boy! check out his teeth :)
and his new trick! He sticks out his little tongue :)

Do the Puyallup!

Every year my entire family looks forward to the Puyallup Fair. This year I went with my friend Holly and most of her family. We had 3 strollers and 3 very happy little boys. Most of our time was spent either eating  all the yummy fair food or walking around checking out all the cool animals. Collin really liked the miniature horses and the cows. He even cried when I pulled him away to head off toward another cool exhibit.

smiling at the camera
checking out the huge cows!
He couldn't take his eyes off those cows
Checking out the chickens
Pointing to the baby chicks with their mommy
He wasn't quite sure what to think about these big birds

Mall Choo-choo

During the wild ride
We went to the Supermall here in Auburn last Saturday. Collin didn't care much for the shopping but he LOVED the choo-choo!

After the ride :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

The "car" shopping cart

I LOVE that our Safeway has these shopping carts! Collin has gotten to the point that he HATES sitting in the front of the cart and these car ones have saved my sanity.

Adventures at Walmart

We went to Walmart yesterday with Grandpa Benny to get an oil change. It took longer than we expected so to pass the time we danced in the radio/speaker area and played with a few tires. From prior experience I know they don't really allow people to take pictures at Walmart so we had to sneak around with the camera.


Shirt and Tie

While on vacation in Utah I purchased two ties for Collin to wear to church. I must say he looks soooo handsome in his white shirt and tie. I think the best part is that his tie is pink ;)

Playtime with Collin

Here is a photo update from Summer 2010 :)

Bubbles in the sunshine

Trying to stay steady on the grass :)

trying to play one key at a time

looks a lot like chopsticks :D

playing with grandma's shirt

Now with his head in the sleeve

Running away from the sprinkler

Playing in the sprinkler